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Awards and recognitions

The first divers world championship was made in the month of December in 1967, in the Acapulco´s creek, organized by the partner Raul Arturo Garcia Bravo, also known as the popular “chupetas”,  Mr. Miguel Aleman Valdez, honorary president of the national tourism council, was in charged to give the award to the first place, the Mexican Ricardo Vega Moreno, honouring the divers club and Acapulco lifeguards association.


This great generosity by Mr. Miguel Aleman Valdez was repeated nine more consecutively high dive world championships.


Giving to the port of Acapulco a great touristic exposure across the world, through the massive media (local, national and international)


Following is detailed the high divers world champions list of “La Quebrada” of Acapulco´port.


1. Ricardo Vega Moreno                     1967                        México

2. Ricardo Vega Moreno                     1968                        México

3. Ignacio Sánchez Castañeda           1969                        México

4. Oscar Bisiones                                 1971                        Argentina

5. Ignacio Sánchez Castañeda           1972                        México

6. Ignacio Sánchez Castañeda           1973                        México

7. Pat Sucker                                         1974                        U.S.A

8. Ricardo Vega Moreno                     1975                        México

9. Jhony Carney                                    1976                        Inglaterra

10. Sam Hernández                             1977                        U.S.A

11. Griag Lessor                                   1978                        U.S.A

12. Chip Humprey                                1979                        U.S.A

13. Ricardo Vega Moreno                   Marzo 1980            México

14. Sam Hernández                             Diciembre 198       U.S.A

15. Juan E. Obregón Galeana             1981                        México

16. Juan E. Obregón Galeana             1983                        México

16. Rey David Balanzar Benítez         1989                        México

17. Ricardo Flores Balboa                   1991                        México

19. Genaro Santillán Soria                  1996                        México

20. Magnus Gardarsson                      2003                       Dinamarca

21 Orlando Duque                               2006                       Colombia

22. Joseph Eber Pava                           2007                       Colombia

23. Orlando Duque                              2008                       Colombia

24. Kent de Mont                                 2011                        U.S.A

WORLD champions

Synchronized diving world championship winners Mr. Martin J. Sánchez Montes and Mr. Genaro Sanchez Méndez in the international competition new category, celebrated in the month of February of 2003. (Mexico)


Synchronized diving world championship winners Mr. Jorge Villanueva Diego and Victor Hugo Lorenzo Alvarez, celebrated in the month of November of 2006. (Mexico)


World championship winners Mr. Juan Pablo Meza Vargas and Mr. Francisco Gómez López in November of 2007.(México)


Two-time world championship winners Mr. Juan Pablo Meza Vargas and Francisco Gómez López in couples category in November of 2008. (México)


  • Ricardo Vega Moreno, first world championship winner in the history of “La Quebrada” and four-time divers world championship.

  • Three-time winner Mr. Ignacio Sánchez Castañeda in world championship.

  • Two-time world divers championship winner Mr. Juan E. Obregón Galeana.

  • Two time world diver championship winner Mr. Rey David Balanzar Benítez  in 1989 and repeat the first place in 1993.

  • Mr. Ricardo Flores Balboa champion in 1991.

  • Mr. Genaro Santillán Soria who accomplished the tittle in 1996.

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