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In the earlys of the 30s when Acapulco’s port was still an unknown touristic place, when the golden zone of Acapulco was a desert area. The nearest natives of “La Quebrada”, after fishing, diving and swimming in the channel (diving channel of 13.12 feet deep with high tide).

Jumping into the popular cliff of 114.82 feet high started as a challenge of boldness to defy the sea. At first, it was taken just as a hobby to challenge fraternity, showing who was the best of it. These great achievements were heard by the habitants of the port and also by the visitors, whom honored us with their visits, were attracted for the novelty and courage of these bravo boys.


The beginners of this great feat back then, Mr. Rigoberto Apac Ríos who supposedly was the first climber that jumped from the highest point of the crag, nevertheless he didn’t do it in the part that is use in the present time for divers, and dislocated his arms doing such adventure.

This event was repeated by Mr. Lucio Rodríguez (“La Gaviota”)Mr. Aurelio Herrera, Mr. Chimiano Flores, Mr. Pedro Arciniega, Mr. Fernando and Mr. Emilio Ramírez (“El Macho Negro) improving the jumps.


Hereafter we share the outstanding events along these 7 decades:


In 1934, the show was officially established and also was formed the Professional Divers Association of “La Quebrada”.


In 1942, at the time port captain Mr. José Ramón Alfaro took part and tried to organize these braves young boys handing out shifts to make the show more attractive.


In 1947, was created the new board of the divers club, which had as president Alfonso Apac Ríos, and was organized the first internal competition.


In 1954, by invitation from Mr. Teddy Stauffer, to participate in the first worlds high diver championship in Panamá, representing México, Alfonso Apac Ríos, Juvencio Marín Neri and Luis Sotelo Fajardo, causing admiration for their divers style, where later they participated on a promotional tourist fair in that country.


In 1955, was organized a second-high divers world’s championship in LA, California, where the same elements competed, and obtained third place. After these results, they received many invitations to exhibit their divers in America and Europe.

Because the attractiveness of the place and the peculiarity of the show, La Quebrada has been use several times for location of many shootings, in which also the divers had participated too, such as “Tarzan and the mermaids”, starring Johnny Weissmuller; with German Valdez “Tin Tan” in “Simbad el Mareado” , along with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” in “Raquel’s shoeshiner” and “Pepe” with Frank Sinatra; next to “La India María” in “El Coyote Emplumado”. In "Semana Santa in Acapulco" with Lucha Villa and David Reynoso, “Paradise” with Andres Garcia, Jorge Rivero and Ofelia Medina, “Fun in Acapulco” starring Elvis Presley and most recently in the popular “Instructions not included” along with Eugenio Derbez, and countless soap-operas and tv commercials.


The diver who have had more participations as stuntman in movies and commercials was Raul “Chupetas” García who stood up by being specialized in high dives, and also as the main global promoter abroad of the divers from “La Quebrada”, in Acapulco.


To these days “El Chupetas” have a record Guinness of over 35 thousands executed dives, the last jump was on the December 11 in 1998 at 71 years old.


Another record Guinness in 2006 is for Iris Alvarez, for being the youngest diver who has jumped from La Quebrada” on a 59 feet high at the age of 12 years.


No doubt that the La Quebrada divers had been international recognized, opening opportunities not just for Acapulco but also for Mexico around the world,  unique and unrepeatable spot that has been passed generation from generation managing and holding to be one of the main attractive place of our country and the port of Acapulco.

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