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The “Tarzan” of more worldwide influence cinema was without a doubt Johnny Weissmuller, one of the biggest Hollywood star, who found in Acapulco of glory days, enjoyed pleasures, and became at the time, a “Flamingos”  hotel partner, a prestigious hotel between 1960 and 1990, flourished and transcended frontiers. Here remains forever.

It was in 1948 when Johnny found Acapulco. Here is where  Johnny filmed his last movie as  Tarzan, “Tarzan and the mermaids” in which film the crags of the cliff can be well appreciated, also the beaches can be well seen and the sea that baths the port.


Sine then, the well known actor fell in love of Acapulco and along with John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power, became an indisputable promoter of the destiny in Hollywood, in such way had visited Acapulco became sign of luxury and distinction.


The most memorable  “Tarzan the ape man” the same person who made kids and adults felt from generations died a January 20 in 1984, in Acapulco. His grave is in “Valle de la Luz” cemetery. An honor for the port to have had him as one of the citizen.


It was the year of 1946  when Rita Hayworth (Heywort) one of the goddess of Hollywood cinematography, was at the top of her success, with worldwide hit movie “Gilda” and some other unforgettable films such as “The loves of Carmen”, “Salome” and “The lady from Shanghai”. After her triumph, this exciting, tall and beautiful woman visited the Villa Vera Hotel as an invitation of his host, the businessman Carl Renstrom, who as an homage, ordered to engrave her name in the 212 villa, the beautiful gesture, remain as an unforgettable memory of her magical stayed in the Acapulco's golden age.


Acapulco, a unique landscape to spread with elegance and graciousness, has had one of the most beautiful and talented woman from the Mexican tv, Mrs Silvia Pinal.

The mexican cinema Diva, made presence in opening back then, the tallest hotel all over the country named “El Presidente”, on March 22 in 1958 at 11 pm next to the film producer Gustavo Alatriste, the actress with a beautiful outfit, dressed up a luxurious dinner and cocktail in the heart of the port.

Silvia Pinal frequently came back to film movies, along with her costars Pedro Infante, Emilio Tuero and many more who gave her fame that still remains in the heart of the audience. Who can’t see movies like “ The innocent”, “The crows are grieving” “La soldadera” , “Strategy” , “Marriage” and many more that still are broadcast on national television.


Without any doubt we give tribute to  Silvia Pinal for her career and countless hits, also for seeking justice and reflection thoughts on the tv serie “Real life cases”.


This mexican actress and emotionally “acapulqueña” is s golden legend.


Acapulco thanks her permanently for being a brave, courageous and clear example that with will there are no impossibles.



Acapulco has been scenario of considerable national and foreign films. But to mexican actors refers no one as German Valdez “Tin Tan” has loved so much this port, and gave exposure through the big screen over 25 years.

It all started in 1950, with the film “Simbad the dizzy” in which film the old Acapulco can be enjoyed, when around the main square still had streets and were just dirt roads.

Old port residents remember him for his yacht “Tintavento”, and also for his famous reunions in cove and “caletilla” or at his place in Peninsula of “The beaches”.

When the cinema was the only type of high range, in times when the seventh art crossed frontiers, “Tin Tan” put Acapulco available for every mexican and influenced the international tourism, mostly Latin American, and Americans with Latin origins.


“Tintanson Crusoe” was filmed in 1964, “Chanoc en las garras de las fieras” and “Acapulco 1222” in 1970, with it, this prestigious actor highlighted the port landscapes and its sourroundings.


As a “chilango-acapulqueño” always self-proclaimed “Tin Tan” most certainly is the best comedian of the national cinematography, who is remembered at his statue in honor, set up in the central ridge of the Swiss avenue over the coastal Miguel Alemán boulevard, which is the maximum recognition that has given by the habitants of the port, being the only national actor whom has that unique distinction.

Brigitte Bardot,



Were the 60s, when I those years Brigitte Bardot came to Acapulco, the worldwide French actress and sex symbol came regularly to this port, and gave beauty and sensuousness, as well as to enjoy the sun and sea.


By presidential decree was named as national symbol of France.


In 1965 filmed the movie “Viva María” in México


She mentioned that was hypnotized by the sunsets of Acapulco “are unmatched and the most beautiful of the world”.

Jean Cocteau wrote countless times in his articles of her great sexiness, and how she always left a halo of light when ever she passes.


Brigitte Bardot was a great tourist promoter of Acapulco, becoming in prodigal daughter of the city and the most beautiful port, and elegant coast of the world, Acapulco.

Marilyn Monroe

on hER way through  



Eight months before her tragic death, Marilyn Monroe found a Spanish style house, in Brentwood’s section of LA. She traveled to Mexico in February 1962, with excitement, searching for shops in Cuernavaca, Taxco, Toluca, and Acapulco, to get furniture, fabrics and tiles for her new home.


Marilyn Monroe as an emblematic sex symbol of American cinema visited Acapulco in 1962 staying at the time, in “El mirador” hotel, which in one occasion told a funny story where she naked got into the pool and took by surprise a young boy, named Carlos Mendoza whom later in the 90s became Mister Acapulco.




Two emerald green eyes like the Acapulco’s sea, this actress reached fame just like a few national actresses.

Her smile, which are like pearls, the super mexican Elsa Cardenas Rentería was born in august 3rd in 1935 in Tijuana. She first started as a movie actress in 1954 in the movie “The young Juárez”.

Thanks to her fluid English work in a significant amount of Hollywood films, such as “Giant” with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean, “Fun in Acapulco” with Elvis Presley and Ursula Andress and “The wild bunch” William Holden and Ernest Borgnine, (Ernest Bornain) among others.

She debuted in theater in the play “Little women”, in television debuted in “Air theater”, “Studio K”, “Door to suspense” and “Mortal sin” her first soap opera was “Estafa de amor”  in 1961 next to Amparo Rivelles and Tito Junco.


Elvis Presley once told me during the shooting of the movie, that’s nothing as Acapulco and I still agree, the best golden sea representation it’s here.


When I filmed “Giant” next to Rock Hudson, told me with charm and light in his eyes, he couldn’t stop staring at the beauty of Acapulco’s sun and sea and loved skiing, and at that moment  I felt emotionally and proud  of being “acapulqueña”, because that port gave me the good fortune and global artistic projection.


Mrs. Elsa is a golden legend of Acapulco.



Great loves had been given in Acapulco, favorite place of honeymooners for decades, noticeable writers had been inspired, and given love themes, but nothing compared to “Maria Bonita” by Agustín Lara, his creation has crossed around the world, taking the name of  this port all over the skies and seas.


“Remember that night in Acapulco, Maria Bonita, Maria del alma…” what else can be said of the pleasure of having her next to him, to whom get to be considered the most beautiful woman of the world, the bay view, caressing sea, a night full of stars, and tropical heat.


“Remember in the beach, rinsing with little stars your little hands, body, drifting ship, the coming waves swinging it” event that for a fact happened in “Caleta”, with this spectacular couple, beach that gave global status to Acapulco.


Both “Flamingos” and “Mirador” hotels have rooms where Agustín Lara and María Félix stayed in which memories of their pass, night landscapes and swimming baths still remain.


The “acapulqueñas” waters bathed María Félix body and inspired Agustín Lara, whom have visited Acapulco in some occasions and sang “Maria Bonita”, because there is nothing as seductively as the charm that represents this beach destination.




Acapulco mostley hollywood international status relates largely of Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”  who chose the port as scenario of two of his films “Pepe” and “Rachel and her shoeshiner”, being the first one more important and also nominated for 7  Oscars.


Acapulco’s name is very attached since 1960 to “Cantinflas” who enjoyed a residence that was visited by celebrities from all over the world, but mostly well known stars from Hollywood.


The beautiful bay, the beaches, the surrounding hills, hotels and infrastructure touristic of the port were shown in the film “Pepe” American-mexican production, starred by Mario Moreno, in which many Hollywood big stars were special guests appeared such as Janet Leigh, Maurice (Morris), Chevalier, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr. Jimmy Durante, Bobby Darin, Zsa Zsa (sa, sa) Gabor, Judy Garland, Greer Garson, Peter Lawford, Jack Lemmon, Kim Novak, Andre Previn (Prevan) Donna Reed, Debbie Reynolds, Edward G Robinson, Cesar Romero, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin of those who were in the golden age of cinematography and showtime in America and across the world.


This movie has as its location the “El Presidente” hotel, which was well known and recognized as one of the best hotels of the world. Which continues of being an essential part of the port.


Regarding to “Rachel and her shoeshiner” in which “Cantinflas“ also referred Acapulco as a paradise, was shoot in 1956, the natural views of the bay, the yacht club, the Caleta hotel, where many scenes were filmed, the beaches displayed in the big screen, crossed frontiers, giving relevance to the name of the port of Acapulco.


The natural beauty, the warm waters, the pleasant weather, the sunny days, the soft sand, and coast ambiance in Acapulco, were decisive for ”Cantinflas” to spent long seasons resting and having fun.



The most powerful  figure that mexican cinema has given, it can hardly be forgotten as she stepped The Acapulco Hilton hotel, María Félix just arrived from Paris where was already a huge celebrity. Stayed  in the summer of 1964 along with her husband the tycoon Alex Berger, strangely the hotel employees talked about her personality and arrogance of the greatest mexican diva.


María was one of the special guests of the former president of Mexico, Miguel Alemán, partner  and owner at the time of the hotel, a close friend and rumored romance affair years back .


After ordering just coffee and fruit the next day, the actress asked Anita Ojeda an appointment in her room, the famous stylist has given several treatments to J. FKennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Charles Trouyet among other celebrities.


Anita confessed being surprised by María Félix beauty, who possessed abundant hair and fashionably beautiful eyelashes.


Movies like El Peñón de las Ánimas, Enamorada, Doña Bárbara, La Mujer sin Alma, Vértigo, Mare Nostrum, La Corona Negra, French Can-Can, La Pasión Desnuda, La Bella Otero, Tizoc, Los Ambiciosos, La Generala and many movies more, remained in the mexican, Latin American and European public memory.


María Félix declared that Acapulco was the most beautiful place in the world, and her as being source of inspiration of Maria Bonita's song, who fame transcended all over the world.


During the decades of the 60, in many places of Acapulco’s port many advertising billboards can be seen, showing Catalina’s bathing suits, such as in Alvarez square as in the airport, which were famous for its fashion design.

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